Resources to Compost your Organic Waste!

Ramsey County had lots of resources to get started composting or recycling your organic waste!

Would you like recycling and compost bins at your wedding or event?  The county provides them at no cost!

Want to get started composting at home or dropping your organic waste off with the county?

“Recycling your organics helps the environment by avoiding methane emissions that contribute to global climate change. It also returns essential nutrients to the soil and improves soil health. ”

Scroll down on the “Organic Waste” page above to check out the section on how to recycle organics.

How to use the organics recycling starter kit

Free organics starter kit


Interested in composting at home? The Recycling Association of Minnesota is has a $20 discount on compost bins for residents of Ramsey County.


Are you wild for compost? Check out the University of Minnesota’s info on Compost and your garden will thank you!


More resources regarding Sustainable Living (Food, Recycling and Transportation)


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