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West Side Farmer's Market shoppers weigh in on what they want to see on Stryker Avenue.

Reviving Stryker Together: Take the Survey

WSCO launches Stryker Avenue Study In partnership with the City of Saint Paul’s Planning and Economic Development department, Councilmember Rebecca Noecker, and with support from the University of Minnesota’s Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, WSCO is leading… Read More

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Get ready for National Night Out—Tuesday, August 2

National Night Out is right around the corner, literally! At last count, 11 block club parties are scheduled to take place on Tuesday, August 2nd on streets across the West Side. Block club leaders expect a combined attendance of close to… Read More

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Block Club Map

Rock the Block, West Side!

Come and Rock the Block, West Side! Thursday, June 23rd at 6pm, Parque de Castillo! Getting to know your neighbors brings many benefits. Generally people feel safer and more “at home” when they are connected with those around… Read More

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